So much depends upon the goodwill and integrity, the level of communication and the will for the country to succeed. Putting country before self. Putting one's fellow man before self. Generating a true community where people delight in helping others.

Robert F Kennedy Jr compliments China for adopting his uncle John Kennedy's playbook (The Peace Corps) via the Belt and Road initiative.

What is needed is for the international community to acknowledge the Belt and Road, for what it is and to regard the sharing of technology as 'the way to go' for the good of humanity.

Kennedy maintains that it is the Presidents job to 'keep the peace'.

Let's hope that he gets the support that he needs to be elected to the presidency.

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Excellent analysis!

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Very well explained in the intro, all the historical background and examples. Thankyou.

Let's see the lag between this guidance and practical law/actions at provincial level. During covid zero, the transmission was instant: Beijing says "control the spread" > Tier 1 city imposes 1 week quarantine > county XX imposes 2 weeks quarantine > village YY tops all with "people from outside not allowed to come in". Like a wip!

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That was fast! Initial thoughts: will this have real legs and is this driven more at internal companies and consumption or also foreign investment?

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