Thank you, that was a beautiful family history and the poignancy of the translator's world.

Currently in the US, according to the big book of medical diagnostic coding, bipolar disorder, there are 4 assessments of bipolar disorder. BipolaII, BipolarII, Cyclothymic, Unspecified.

The diagnosed numbers in the US will vary from state to state; via a state's medical care.

Behavioral, dialectic and cultural psychology is, often under-recommended for many reasons.

The most obvious in the US is scientific research and government interventionist policy on the medical health world.

Let us say the underlying baseline is depression which can lead to the neurological changes seen in PTSD of BipolarII patients. Also, that the psychiatric over-medication of treating depression has become the Catch22 in the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder where PTSD requires a whole of medicine approach. Often infringing on neurological developmental disability the greater baseline.

The incidence of over-medication whether by illicit drug or, introduction of anti-depressant into thyroid, blood pressure medication, contraception, transgender blockers, immunosuppressants visa versa in the west's pharmaceutical world has reached peak globally.

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Why was it necessary or appropriate to post an addendum about not romanticising bipolar disorder (and link a state newspaper article decrying romanticisation)? In what way did the original story even romanticise mental illness? Quite the opposite. The addendum soured what was otherwise an excellent story. And you wonder why Twitter gave a warning about your Twitter account.

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