Thank you for this very informative article. It should be able to completely debunk this dumb anti China narrative.

Meanwhile in America the Sacklers, who are one of the main villains in the opioid crisis, just got a slap on the wrist for their crimes. Maybe the US should look in the mirror before blaming others for its own problems.

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It would be a lot more illuminating to have provided information on just what chemicals are used to create fentanyl, what amounts are imported into Mexico, and what percentage of the imports actually comprise fentanyl production.

My strong suspicion is that the "precursor chemicals" are used for a lot of different things and a minority of imports go into fentanyl production - because this substance is so strong that the actual physical amounts needed are objectively small.

And if so, the effort to prevent fentanyl production by banning precursors is futile - unlike say, meth where the precursors are not really used for anything except cold medicine.

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Sometimes the Ambassadors from China are too polite. The 2nd largest opium firm in Hong Kong was American run, and the trust funds of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are well stocked by American Opium Traders. Bush family and their fraternity, Skull and Bones, at Princeton were thick with opium wealth, as was FDR's family.

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