Thanks for the translation. I wouldn't put too much weight on the timing. For years, Zheng has been a vocal supporter of what he refers to as "the third (reform) and opening up," repeating the same basic argument with different words and contexts: the more the West closes its doors, the more China should open.

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Zichen, any discussion that mixes what's best for the country going forward and what's best for the ruler of the country going forward would be missing the point. China as the country of 1.4bn of Chinese people will obviously be much better off connected with the rest of human beings. But this can not be said to a ruler whose single most goal is to cling on power to harvest on the 1.4 bn.

What happens in China is nothing new.

The only thing that is worth watching is whether the people can finally force the leader to act in their interests this time, or, the leader still ends up forcing the people to suffer to his benefit--again. That fight will determine if China can evolve, finally, to a modern country. Or stuck to the past as a farm to its emperors.

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