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China's "foreign-related legal system" now emphasizes facilitating "favorable external environment"

China vows better financing for private companies

Transcript of 8th China Global Think Tank Innovation Forum

China could grow 5%-6% annually by 2035, and 3%-4% between 2035 and 2049, says Justin Yifu Lin

China-Japan relations at "moment for improvement," says senior Chinese diplomat

Justin Yifu Lin on China‘s "dual circulation," "new development paradigm," "high-quality development," etc.

Justin Yifu Lin on the "Chinese Path to Modernization"

Justin Yifu Lin on "profound changes unseen in a century"

In Full: Xi Jinping's speech at the Welcome Dinner in San Francisco

Much ado about nothing? A preliminary assessment of the EU’s WTO complaint against China on IP enforcement

Do Good and Prosper: Interplay Between Philanthropy and Business Innovations

Jiang Ming'an: Caging the Leviathan is the Dream and Pursuits of Chinese Scholars of Administrative Law

China's media briefing after He Lifeng-Janet Yellen meetings

A Unique Window into Huawei

Part Three of EU & China Think Tank Exchanges on Oct. 24, Beijing

Transcript Part Two of "EU-China Relations: Review and Outlook": Questions and Comments

Amb. Fu Ying on Huangyan Dao/Scarborough Shoal & why it's Chinese territory

Transcript Part One: Top China, EU experts on "EU-China Relations: Review and Outlook" in Beijing

James Laurenceson on Australia-China relations

Did China recently remove Israel's name from its maps?

CCG Conferences Report

Twice-a-decade Central Financial Work Conference readout and notes

Yao Yang calls for distributing cost of local govt debt resolution, imposing market discipline

Huihua Nie says Beijing must reate room for market and encourage births

Joseph Nye says China, U.S. need to "power with" rather than "power over" other countries

Michael Pillsbury defends One China Policy in Beijing, slams Pompeo's proposal to formally recognize Taiwan

Beijing's food security concerns "overstated," Huang Jikun says, urging yield over acreage, farmers benefit over security obsession

Jin Liqun on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and multilateralism

Yu Yongding calls on Beijing to stimulate growth via fiscal expansion, believes 6% growth achievable

Restart Congressional visits to Chinese mainland to revive dialogue, Henry Huiyao Wang writes

China's climate envoy proposed to travel to U.S.

Love Troubles by Prof. Wanning Sun

Internet-based Philanthropy in China

Life as a Migrant Food Delivery Rider in Shanghai

Huawei was driven out of China by European rivals, contrary to Desmond Shum's Congressional testimony

China must dispel "services are virtual while manufacturing is real" misconception, ex-Vice Commerce Minister says

Book Excerpt: why personal income tax matters little in China

Henry Huiyao Wang in dialogue with William C. Kirby at Harvard

Chinese Perspectives on China–Russia Relations since Feb 24 2022, by Zhang Xin

Wei Cui on The Administrative Foundations of the Chinese Fiscal State

Henry Huiyao Wang: How China can step up to its responsibilities in a rising Global South

Zongyuan Zoe Liu on China's Sovereign Funds

Study Times op-ed shoots down new policy options

Jiang Xiaojuan's passionate advocacy of private economy in Beijing Daily

China should crack down on illicit fentanyl flows regardless of U.S. rhetoric, Zha Daojiong writes

China publishes 24-point policy in attracting foreign investment

Is India singling out Chinese companies?

Liu Shijin calls for "breakthrough" in Party theory to allow structural reform for economy

Zheng Yongnian on what China needs to do for a domestic demand-driven society

Indian, Chinese media cite New Delhi's "strict approval process for granting visas to Chinese nationals."

It's the economy - July Politburo meeting readout

Kishore Mahbubani's speech on The Asian 21st Century at CCG

Zhang Xuefeng's pep talk to anxious undergraduates who wish to move up

China's biggest mobile payment platforms now accept VISA & Mastercard

New Top Document Promoting China's Private Economy

The New China Playbook

Zhang Jun: low wages threaten China's ecoomic transition, govt needs to subsidize familes

China's new regulation over Generative AI is less stringent than previously known

Did Russia just "bow to Beijing" in "opening" Vladivostok?

These economists spoke to China's Premier on Thursday. What's their view on the economy recently?

Mr. Sima Nan goes to the U.S. Embassy

China's Premier just consulted these economists. What's their view on the economy?

Zhang Xiangcheng, WTO Deputy Director General, on multilateralism

Yan Xuetong: Trajectory of China-U.S. Relations in New International Order

Ex-NDRC official's comprehensive review of China's economy & reform

Dr. Tao Wang: How can China sustain its economic development?

Tourism industry official deplores collapse of inbound tourism

China must prevent an "overcooling" economy, Tsinghua ACCEPT report says

Where China stands on Fentanyl

Yan Xuetong on Blinken's China visit, Taiwan, the war in Ukraine, etc.

Chinese readout of Wang Yi-Anthony Blinken meeting

Chinese, U.S. Readouts of Qin-Blinken meeting in Beijing

Self-identified 5 predicaments in China's international communications

AIIB's independence backed by evidence

Sharp Decline in the Number of Foreigners in China Demands Serious Attention

Chinese companies: subservient CCP tools or autonomous commercial businesses?

“Freedom of Navigation” Claimed by U.S. is NOT “Freedom of Navigation” under International Law

Beijing to cooperate with Brussels in investigating sanction-circumventing companies if provided with evidence

China does NOT challenge U.S. as the boss & still hopeful for improving U.S. ties, says fmr vice trade minister

Han Song: Reality has become increasingly science fiction-like

Historic cancellation signifies State's retreat from private lives & market

Chinese scholars studied wartime military justice system in 2022

Top Ten Trends in Digital Tech according to Tencent

Will Alibaba's international business take off after restructuring?

Huawei's rotating chairman described founder Ren Zhengfei as "most pro-U.S."

Is China Preparing for War?

Book Excerpt: The Labor of Reinvention

Leading professor calls for massive govt subsidy to families at key forum

Josep Borrell's scheduled speech at CCG on China and EU-China relations

Xi tells Macron on camera: we are bosom friends/Zhiyin

The Future of AIGC & ChatGPT: a Chinese Experts' Roundtable at Tencent

🔥TikTok ban is no way to address concerns on China’s data security

Reinvigorate a multifaceted EU-China relationship: dialogue and perspective

The Dean of Shandong: Confessions of a Minor Bureaucrat at a Chinese University

Zhang Ming on 2023 global & Chinese macroeconomy and investment strategies in China

The Impact of AIIB on the World Bank

Shiping Tang: A fragile decade ahead?

Feng Yujun on Russian History, Culture, and Contemporary Development

Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton on COVID, economics, and China-US relations

On First Anniversary of the War in Ukraine by CICIR director for Eurasian Studies

Chinese views on ChatGPT and Baidu's upcoming alternative

Zheng Yongnian on how to address Western public opinion on China: facts, science, and reason

Op-Ed: “Billionaire” Splurge: Temu’s Super Bowl Debut

Demographer James Liang on China's extremely low fertility

Cooler heads call on facilitating U.S. Congressional visits to China

China invites EU to lift sanctions simultaneously

Baidu's Robin Li on Artificial Intelligence

Increased household deposit doesn't equal more spending & investment, writes senior banker.

Fudan's Econ Dean says the "China Model" has been misunderstood & China should change its narrative

Econ Dean at Renmin University: Old ways of stabilizing growth may not work

CICIR analysis: The Path and Dilemma of U.S. Reducing Supply Chain Dependence on China

Wu Jinglian, prominent pro-market economist, on China's economic reforms

Zheng Yongnian on Openness, Market of ideas, and Scientific Innovation