Sitemap - 2021 - Pekingnology

Former China central bank governor on WTO reform

China Space Station conducted evasive manoeuvres to avoid collisions with Elon Musk's Starlink statelites

Collected Pekingnology newsletters in 2021 & some thankful words

The reflection of a Chinese idealist in Africa

Sun Yang's training on his own in an open-to-public facility likely legit, says lawyer

Presentation of PKU's half-year research on China's "platform economy"

Xi's speech to Chinese writers & artists

Central Economic Work Conference readout & notes

Justin Yifu Lin on China's reform path and "shock therapy"

Four Major Changes in China’s Overall Social Structure

Chinese securities regulator responds to new SEC rules on listing in U.S.

New govt rule impacting dynamics between ride-hailing platforms and drivers

What if China "opens up" like the U.S. and Britain on COVID?

Beijing's lingering concerns for Washington's macroeconomic policy

Prof. Zheng Yongnian: SOEs driving force for China-U.S. trade, not an impediment

Beijing‘s consensus with Washington on media issues

Rapid roundup of the Xi-Biden video summit

China's ex-securities regulator on green finance

Transcript: Chinese Climate Envoy's press conference at COP 26

Govt procurement: Finance Ministry reiterates foreign-invested companies must not be discriminated

Ministry of State Security revealed three data security breaches

What's the Baumol Effect that Vice Premier Liu He recently mentioned and how to overcome it

Tump's WeChat ban cost United States $900k in legal fees to plaintiffs

Yan Xuetong's criticism & suggestions on China's international relations studies

Tsinghua scholar advocates progressive carbon tax in China

Sinopec's vision under China's carbon peak & neutrality goals

Senior executive at battery giant CATL on power storage, lithium, etc.

A nuanced reading of "reduce non-medically necessary abortions"

Senior ex-diplomat suggests fine-tuning China's nuclear weapons policy

Guest Post: Does Chinese funding really account for more than 70% of all coal plants built today?

Comprehensive Q&A on China's power supply, electricity rationing, etc.

China National Nuclear Power appeals for bigger role in carbon neutrality

Huawei founder's farewell remarks to Honor

New rule makes preserving history a top priority in cities & villages

New regulation signals China to add fewer skyscrapers

End of an era in China's urbanization & beginning of a new one

Mr. Ren Zhengfei went to Moscow

Chinese vaccines and strategy on the Delta variant

(New) labor rules for gig workers & Big Tech in China

Did 'the Wuhan lab' spend $606 mln on air conditioning/ventilation?

Connecting some of the dots before Meituan sheds $60 bln in valuation

Wuhan Institute of Virology was under cyberattack. Three WIV employees allegedly being sick?

The Chinese side of the COVID data withdrawal controversy

Why did Wuhan University researchers delete COVID-19 data at NIH?

Ren Zhengfei's trip to the U.S. almost three decades ago

How Ren Zhengfei grew up, in the Huawei founder's own writing

Former Deputy Secretary-General of State Council on foreign investment, WTO, industrial policy, etc.

Jin Liqun, President of AIIB, speaks on AIIB, India, Belt & Road, Coal Financing, Bretton Woods, etc.

Three top financial regulators on inflation, green finance, monetary policy, financial risk, STAR Market, etc.

Xi Jinping's speech on science & tech on May 28, 2021

"Rapid appreciation of the RMB is not sustainable"

Fmr Central Bank Governor Zhou on Digital Currency & Electronic Payment (DC/EP)

Forced labor conventions; Jack Ma's business school; gig workers; saving water; burden reduction for students

An offline event with a group of foreign diplomats on Huawei

In Xi's own words: What's "dual circulation?" Why it's New Development Stage?

Fake Twitter accounts impersonate Chinese media journalists overseas

On Ant Group and 34 tech companies: analyzing 2 latest official meeting readouts

Beijing's anti-monopoly findings on Alibaba: a deep dive

Ex-govt spokesperson Zhao Qizheng on China's external messaging

De-facto stern warning from Beijing towards Tokyo ahead of Suga's meeting with Biden

Josh Rogin's WashPo column & book misrepresents a U.S. diplomatic cable from Wuhan

Beijing's pivotal commitment to carbon peak & carbon neutrality

Meeting on "Platform Economy" and new SAMR rule on e-commerce

Select translations of 14th FYP draft -Third/Final Part

Part II of select translations of 14th FYP (2021-2025) and Objectives through 2035

Select translations of the 14th FYP (2021-2025) and Objectives through 2035 - Part I

Highlights in recent extraordinarily frequent press briefings ahead of Two Sessions

"Suggestions" and "Proposals" from Two Sessions

The "Spirit" of the 5th Plenum 五中全会精神

Prof. Balding has (apparently) responded to this newsletter on Huawei

Who Really Owns Huawei? A response to Professors Balding and Clarke

Beijing to Chinese consumers: imported food on the market is safe, BUT

Top financial regulator refutes "state capitalism" accusation, directly

(RESEND END)Putting Anne-Marie Brady's and Adrian Zenz's characterization of Gao Wei into context

(RESEND PART 1)Putting Anne-Marie Brady's and Adrian Zenz's characterization of Gao Wei into context

Kissinger in the New Era, who will it be?

People's Daily commentary hints at building firewall for HK elections

China adopts EU-style "blocking statute" - but does it apply to U.S. firms following "primary sanctions?"

A practical guide to China's 29 ”national high-end think tanks”

Xinhua published unusual Op-Ed with unfamiliar byline and explicit calls, apparently signaling Biden

Death sentence for Lai Xiaomin and round-up of recent under-reported China news

Is there gonna be war in the Taiwan Strait? A first-person Xinhua dispatch from Taipei

After microchips, what's the next big (small) thing on Beijing's self-reliance list?