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What did the Brazilian President-elect say about China, the U.S., LatAm, and BRICS in mid-2021

CIIS analysis: The road ahead of left-wing governance in Latin America is long and difficult

CICIR LatAm Director on the rise and the prospect of the left-wing in Latin America

Yao Yang on China's ideology, economy, & policymaking after the 20th Party Congress

Full text & analysis: Central Economic Work Conference 2022

Latest policy massively relaxes COVID restrictions: summary & full translation

Six high-profile economists call for "opening up economic activities"

China signals a new phase of COVID control

Economist calls on Beijing to shift from investment to boosting consumer spending

Prominent economist calls for stimulating consumption & shunning excessive investment

Central bank report on the credit information system since 2017

Leading scientist calls on China to share gene data

Central bank report on yuan/RMB internationalization since 2017

What Kevin Rudd got wrong on China: Taiwan & Great Rejuvenation

The Trend of Global Digital Talents

Full Text & Analysis: China's 20 measures to optimize COVID controls

Central bank reports progress on digital yuan/RMB

Xi vowed "political, diplomatic, economic, & law" countermeasures against "long-arm," but few noticed

Local Govt as Venture Capital

Central bank reports macro-prudential policy framework since 2017

How Beijing determines US hacked Chinese university, INFRASTRUCTURE, & ~80 countries

Slogan Politics: Understanding Chinese Foreign Policy Concepts (Book excerpt)

Central bank reports its progress of interest rate liberalization since 2017

Zheng Yongnian highlights "no reason to change opening-up policy"

In Shanghai: Chinese vaccines show "high and durable" effectiveness against critical illness & death, "low" against infection

(Book excerpt) Protecting China's Interests Overseas: Securitization & Foreign Policy

China supports Kazakhstan reforms that the U.S. & EU also welcome

Justin Yifu Lin: How China avoided transition collapse

What China can learn from Japan's Quality Infrastructure Investment

Chinese-backed Dutch takeover of UK wafer fab: Timing is everything

Ren Zhengfei sends chill down Huawei & economy

Panel discussion on China tech companies after Tencent's earnings report

What "algorithm details" Beijing asked for from Chinese tech giants

China will NOT break up tech platforms: PKU task force

Eurobonds, not bilateral debts, trapped poor countries

DJI distances itself from Russia on Weibo

Which Chinese company landed on Internet regulator's flagship magazine

New Trend Among China’s Graduate Students

Senior Chinese banker on the mortgage boycotts

Chinese thinktank calls for restoring ppl-to-ppl exchanges ASAP

On Real Estate: PKU professors call for changing "three red lines"

Taiwan & US elections forecasting WITHOUT opinion polls

A computed estimate of Russian and Ukrainian military casulties

China's Game Industry Attempts to Change the Narrative

Cyberspace regulator's Q&A on DiDi's $1.2b fine

DiDi's founder & how the ride-hailing giant comes into being

What's a 4th-tier Chinese city like?

The birth of Douyin, TikTok's elder sister

Central Bank Digital Currency: PKU Prof. Huang Yiping's caution

What does the "national unified market" entail

Former Party Int'l Dept Vice Minister calls for calmness facing stern int'l landscape

On cross-border data access: a Chinese summary

US & Russian ambassadors to face off in China's World Peace Forum

China says U.S. cyberweapon found in computer systems

In Africa, "The key to China’s success is, paradoxically, the lack of a defined model"

Meet Galactic Energy, China's leading private space company

Positive signals for travel; Nio blasted; ByteDance's changing motto & challenge in TikTok monetization

Localized Bargaining: The Political Economy of China's High-Speed Railway Program

Lessons from Success & Failure: Indigenous Innovation in China

Time for “China to leverage capital,” not the other way around: Eric X. Li

Breaking: China relaxes work & family visa policies to pre-COVID, in some countries

In China, fund managers asked to buy their own funds. Bankers will have to defer performance pay.

State media leading backlash against local abuse of China's health codes

China has promised not to ask Chinese tech companies for overseas data

Huawei founder's observation of Japan's "lost decade"

How Academic Research Contributes to China's Decision-Making

Book excerpt: How Lenovo founder sent Sunac founder to prison

Watching Xinwen Lianbo, May 26

Watching Xinwen Lianbo May 25 plus a bit more

Xinwen Lianbo, China's most important TV program, on May 24

Xinwen Lianbo, China's most important TV program, on May 23

China's Land Finance by Lan Xiaohuan

Amazon is a "chokehold" on China's cross-border e-commerce: People's Daily overseas edition

"Increasing Outstanding External Debt Denominated in RMB Complementary with RMB Internationalization"

Justin Yifu Lin on economy, innovation, common prosperity, middle income trap, etc.

After China tightened regulation over vaping, People's Daily publishes commentary.

Pony Ma explains his "CBS" vision for Tencent

PKU National Development dean on Chinese economy

Did cancer rates "quadruple" in Smederevo, Serbia due to a Chinese steel mill?

"My sister and her husband were on the flight. So was my one-and-a-half-year old niece."

Liu He in November: "Macroeconomic stability is a rare resource"

China's readout of Xi-Biden video call

Beijing sends strongest signal so far to restore market confidence

Near-full transcript of Premier Li Keqiang's Press Conference

Xi's second speech in Two Sessions

Xi's first speech in Two Sessions

Ukraine as a Solution by Shiping Tang

Chinese cybersecurity lab discovers US backdoor at Chinese systems

Central Party School professor on "capital"

Xi Jinping's Oct 2021 speech on China's digital economy

China’s next step on COVID, as estimated by Chairman Rabbit

Digitalization challenges small banks, ex-central bank governor warns

Senior Chinese finance official: Modern Monetary Theory exacerbates inequality

The life of a translator with bipolar disorder & his family

Back-of-the-envelope cost calculation of "zero COVID"

A comparison between COVID control in China and U.S.

The WeChat blog named Scott Morrison

Chinese lives in Covid times

"China's most hardworking man based on contact tracing records"

CEFC got $4.8 bln credit line after "tens of mlns" yuan in bribes to then CDB head

How Sun Lijun, once China's youngest vice minister in public security, falls in corruption

Xi Jinping recently vows unrelenting graft-busting

Joint statement from five nuclear-weapon states on preventing nuclear war & avoiding arms races